As a shareholder, you will share in the bounty of our harvest throughout the season as well as some of the risk associated with farming.  This includes crop losses due to weather catastrophes or other unforeseen circumstances.  In the event of such an occurrence, those of us at Savoie Organic Farm will make every effort to overcome the loss.  However, the shareholder agrees to share in this risk and will not expect monetary reimbursement.​

At Savoie Organic Farm, we regard our CSA members as shareholders in the farm.  Members can choose among three different share (basket) sizes depending on their weekly vegetable needs:  small (1/4 bushel), medium (1/2 bushel) or large (full bushel).  We provide you with the basket at the beginning of the season.  You fill your basket each week with your choice of vegetables from the harvest.  Our CSA provides you with the freedom to choose what you like; baskets are not pre-filled for you.  There are limits posted for most items to ensure that everyone in the CSA program gets the opportunity to try each item.This year's 12-week summer program will begin June 12th and end Aug 28th.  Our 6-week fall program will begin Sept 18th and end Oct 23rd.  Pick ups will occur on Tuesdays with your choice of two time slots.  For more details, please download our 2018 Summer and Fall CSA contracts by clicking on the blue buttons below.  Sign up for one or both CSA programs; it's up to you!  Fall sign-ups will also be accepted later in the season, although spaces will sell out by mid-summer.  All slots are filled on a first-come, first-served basis.  All customers who sign up and pay their shares in full by February 15th will be given ONE WEEK FREE--see contract for details.

Community supported agriculture (CSA) programs provide communities with fresh, locally grown produce.  CSA programs are ideal for people who enjoy eating what's in season and who are willing to try new vegetables they may have never seen before. Your weekly CSA share becomes a diverse, culinary adventure, but isn't that what you are looking for?  It's a wonderful alternative to the limited selection that grocery stores provide. All vegetables have been harvested at their peak of freshness and nutritional value!​

What should I consider before joining?

How does the on-farm CSA program work?

What is a CSA?

We are still accepting members for our FALL CSA program--Sign up now!

***Updated 8/6/2018:  We are still accepting applications for our Fall 2018 CSA program with Tuesday pick ups at the farm.  Sign up today!  Click the link above labeled "Fall CSA contract" for full details.

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Download our CSA contract(s) below. Because the on-farm summer and fall programs are separate, you will see two different links. If you wish to sign up for both programs at once, please only submit one registration form and indicate that you would like to participate in both programs. The Farm and Fisherman and Headhouse Square CSA programs are separate, and the links are provided below. The contracts provide all the details for the programs, including dates, times, and prices.  Mail the registration form with your check or money order payable to Savoie Organic Farm to the address provided. 

​Questions?  Please call Carol or Barry at 856-629-9020.

How do I sign up?

We offer three different CSA programs from which to choose:  a buffet-style pick up on Tuesdays at our farm in Williamstown; a pre-filled 1/2 bushel share with pick up at The Farm and Fisherman Tavern & Market in Cherry Hill, NJ on Thursdays; or a pre-filled 1/2 bushel share with pick up at the Headhouse Square Farmers' Market in Philadelphia on Sundays.  Because we are a small family farm, we limit the size of our on-farm CSA to just 60 members.  This allows us to get to know our customers individually.  Barry, Carol or one of our volunteers will personally answer your questions and share our own tips for preparing and preserving your vegetables. Our on-farm CSA provides you with the freedom to choose what you like; baskets are not pre-filled for you.  In addition to your share, we also offer items for sale each week, such as potted herbs, our own farm-fresh chicken eggs, larger quantities of vegetables for canning, and certain vegetables that may just be coming into season.​  Our Farm and Fisherman and Headhouse Square CSAs provide a convenient, grab-and-go alternative for our customers who live further away.  Click the links below for more information!

Why should I choose the Savoie CSA?

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